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A furniture expert sketching out a blueprint.

Design Services

Your blueprint for success.

Our furniture experts work collaboratively with you to understand your office workflow and provide the right office design. We then craft a custom layout, with 2-D and 3-D modeling, that best suits your workspace.

A furniture project manager concentrating, focused at desk with a laptop.

Project Management

Our 5-step process.

First, we meet with you and discuss your ideas, and then come back with a design. You select the brands and styles you want. We deliver and install your selection and give you a brand new look for your business.

A man installing furniture with a drill.

Installation and Removal

Creating your new space at your convenience.

We promise to install your new office with as little disruption as possible to your existing one, even if it means the installation happens as night. And when it's all said and done, we'll haul your old office furniture away for you.

Blueprints, swatches and samples.

Additional services

Refurbishing, refining and reupholstering.

Want an updated look, but can't afford all new office furniture? Our refurbishing, refinishing and reupholstering services can help update your office without the extra cost of new furniture. Ask how we can refresh your office for less.


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