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Recipe for success

It's no secret that a stocked breakroom can keep your employees happy and motivated. And with the biggest brands, easy ordering, free delivery and more, you can skip the trip to the wholesale club.

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A woman sipping on coffee while working at her desk.

Coffee program

Exactly what they need to get it done.

Create a coffee program and receive a Keurig® or Newco commercial coffee brewer at no cost (with minimum spend), plus installation and ongoing service.

  • Receive an assessment of your breakroom usage as well as recommendations for brewers, coffee and supplies
  • No hidden costs, delivery fees or service charges

A woman drinking a glass of water in the office.

Water program

Two convenient options for the office.

We've partnered with DS Services of America Inc. to provide you with:

  • Countertop or full-height water dispensers with built-in filtration and free system checkups every six months and annual filter changes
  • Water coolers with 5-gallon bottles delivered (limited delivery area)

A firefighter getting ready for the job.

The products you need to Power your People

At Staples we understand that the cleaning wipes, the coffee, the snacks, the candy and the beverages are what keeps the people in your office powered for productivity and happiness.

Learn more about what People Products can do for you

Tables and chairs in a breakroom

Breakroom furniture program

Make the most of your breakroom with our furniture program. We provide start-to-finish support, including design services, delivery and installation.

  • Top furniture brands, such as HON®, Safco® and Iceberg®
  • Furniture, beverage carts, framed art and more

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