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Furniture Solutions | Staples Advantage

We're here to offer distancing solutions for the workplace, keeping your employees and customers safe and comfortable.

From creating separation, to providing comfort for long shifts, to our selection of flexible and easy to assemble mobile solutions, we can customize a package for your needs. Plus, all of our solutions come with custom space planning & design, professional installation services, business exclusive pricing and more.

Learn more about our furniture assortment and solutions

A wall of phone rooms in an office separated by glass and walls.

Furniture solutions for separation and boundries.

  • Barrier solutions for lobbies and public areas
  • Office panels, partitions, mobile dividers and sneeze guards
  • Wide assortment of styles for any size office

A contemporary office with two workstations back-to-back.

Reconfigure and refresh the office.

  • Adapt existing spaces to accomodate reduced workforce
  • Private offices, space partitions and dividers
  • Professional installation services and design experts
  • Refresh and replace your furniture with easy to clean materials

An open lobby with modern furniture and design.

Furniture solutions for remote employee comfort.

  • Set up more permanent workspaces for remote employees
  • Upgrade desks and chairs including desktop risers and ergonomic options
  • Finishing touches including décor and lamps
  • Tool-less assembly from the Lewis Collection