Key Highlights of the 2015 Staples Advantage® Workplace Index


With one out of every four workers suffering from burnout, employee engagement has become a top priority for businesses recognizing the need for a loyal, productive staff. According to the inaugural Workplace Index Survey by Staples Advantage, the business-to-business division of Staples, there are a number of factors, from office environment to working practices, that can contribute to a more committed, productive and loyal workforce.

The Staples Advantage Workplace Index benchmarks trends, including job satisfaction, productivity and office design in the United States and Canada, surveying more than 2,600 officer workers. The resulting data paints a picture of a professional environment that demands companies and employees to do more with less. "It's not a surprise that employees are feeling overworked and burnt out," said expert Dan Schawbel, founder of and managing partner of Millennial Branding. The survey results explain why some employees feel burned out and pinpoints what companies can to do make employees feel positive about their workplace.

Key Findings

Recommendations — An Action Plan for an Effective Workplace Culture

An effective workplace culture is productive and has low employees churn. But how do employers achieve this? According to the Staples Advantage® Workplace Index, employers can use several tactics to ensure employee engagement and loyalty remains high.

Reduce employee burnout

Build trust

Make sure people have the right tools for the job

Make effective use of office space


The results of Staples Advantage® Workplace Index clearly show that how employers choose to organize, equip and run their workplace can significantly impact the performance of a business. High employee churn or poor employee productivity often have little to do with "what" employers do and more to do with "how" they choose to do it.

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