People Products

Breakroom and cleanup supplies for your people.

Office products power your office, but People Products power your people. Coffee, snacks, even desk-cleaning wipes - they make work feel like home and your team feel good. They’re the “I love working here” supplies and they’re important to your people.

Count on Staples Business Advantage for everything your employees need to stay happy and productive.

Play this quick video and get those positive vibes flowing.

Staples Business Advantage has it all covered.

Stock the breakroom, watch the smiles.

Your employees work hard. The breakroom is their sanctuary, a place in the office where they get a few moments to recharge, relax and catch up with their co-workers. Make their favorite place in the office inviting and comfortable with plenty of snacks, hot coffee, drinks and more, for whenever they need it.

Clean up supplies your people appreciate.

No one likes a messy office – including your employees. They take pride in where they work, so make sure there are plenty of cleaning supplies at the ready – like fresh-scented wipes for their desks, air fresheners in the breakroom and hand sanitizer and tissues in common areas. These supplies do more than clean up. They boost morale and keep your employees happy.

Wide selection of snacks from everyone’s favorite brands

Full service coffee and water program

Fast, free delivery

One consolidated invoice

All your breakroom products in one convenient delivery

The power of the breakroom.

Find out why People Products play such an important role in your office.

58% of workers

say a well-stocked comfortable breakroom would encourage breaks.

86% of workers

say taking a break helps to increase productivity during the day.

56% of workers

say adding a preferred snack item in the breakroom would make them feel appreciated.

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