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Our Responsibility | Staples Business Advantage
Staples' Green Initiatives

Energy efficiency and carbon footprint

With a large portfolio of facilities and vehicles, Staples recognizes the impacts of our operational energy usage and related carbon emissions. Reducing these impacts has been a cornerstone of our sustainability initiative for many years. As a result, we’ve reduced our electricity intensity by nearly 20% and our total carbon emissions by 44% since 2010. 

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Staples energy management program is comprehensive, focusing on technological, behavioral and process-based solutions across our buildings and fleet. We leverage energy efficiency programs as well as incorporate renewable energy into our business assets — all with the aim of decreasing energy use and carbon emissions.

Additionally, we’ve taken the following measures:

  • Converting lighting to lower wattage using more efficient fixtures, lamps and ballasts, and also installing lighting motion sensors for occupancy and daylight harvesting.
  • Installing energy management systems for lighting and variable speed drives on HVAC equipment, air compressors and conveyors.
  • Participating in energy consumption demand response programs.
  • Signing the WRI Renewable Energy Buyers Principles to signal our support for increasing renewable energy and reducing climate impacts.
Awards & Recognition

Awards and recognition

We’re extremely honored to be recognized for our commitment to improving the environment. Our industry leadership has enabled us to help customers better achieve their sustainability goals.

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  • ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year Award in 2019 for Sustained Excellence for the 10th consecutive year
  • 2019 U.S. EPA Sustainable Materials Management Electronics Challenge Champion Award, for advancing responsible recycling of electronics
  • Forest Stewardship Council’s Leadership Award, for commitment to providing FSC-certified products to customers, as well as for helping family woodland owners attain FSC certification.
  • Perfect score on the Human Rights Campaign's Corporate Equality Index for eight consecutive years