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Buttons on a printer.

Phase 1: Assessment

Uncovering the cost of your network.

First, your current print environment undergoes a complete analysis to identify ways to increase efficiency and cut costs.

  • Determine the number of devices and print networks
  • Discover what, where and how much you print
  • Determine the current cost of ownership of your print environment

A woman scanning documents at a printer.

Phase 2: Implementation

Making changes that add up.

Based on the findings from the assessment, we’ll recommend cost-saving updates to your existing print environment and put the plan into action.

  • Brand-neutral solution will support most models and devices
  • Fleet management software to monitor your print environment

A technician fixing a printer.

Phase 3: Management

Ongoing service and support.

Going forward, you’ll enjoy a stronger return on your print investment, world-class support and supplies management.

  • Worry-free support and maintenance
  • Auto replenishment of supplies with fast and free nationwide delivery

A copy room inside an office building.

Phase 4: Optimization

Planning for the future.

We then make recommendations to optimize your print environment by cutting costs and creating a more efficient process.

  • Create a blueprint of your future print environment
  • Potentially streamlining the number of devices, maximizing your current devices and improving print performance
  • Fast delivery on all new hardware and equipment


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