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A modern office open workspace.

Office solutions

Agencies, law firms and tech companies — every business has different workspace needs. Work with furniture experts that can deliver an array of smart, creative solutions designed specifically for yours. Browse our gallery to get some ideas.

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An exam room at a doctor's office.

Healthcare solutions

From patient rooms and surgical suites to reception and dining areas, make sure your healthcare facility provides a soothing, comfortable atmosphere focused on healing. Take a look at our gallery to get an idea of what we can do for you.

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A group of kids doing artwork at a table with a teacher looking down at their work.

Education solutions

Just as every student has specific needs to thrive in the classroom, every classroom, cafeteria and library have specific needs to thrive in the school. We'll solve any challenge you throw at us. Check out our gallery to see what we mean.

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A group of 4 chairs lined up against a table.

Government solutions

Office furniture for your agency.

Tap into cooperative contract pricing for GSA, NPP, National IPA and NJPA, plus we offer more than 40 manufacturers on GSA contract, including Allsteel™, Gunlocke®, HON®, National and Global®.


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