Staples Soul

When you choose Staples Business Advantage®, you get much more than just a leader in office procurement. You get a supplier who is committed to being a good corporate citizen. Staples Soul recognizes the close connection between our success and our ability to make a positive impact on our customers, our associates and the planet. We believe Staples Soul helps to make us an employer and neighbor of choice, differentiates our brand, and allows us to grow profitably and responsibly.


A variety of paperclips representing diversity

We seek to develop a workforce that reflects the diversity of the communities and customers we serve all over the world by embracing diversity in all its forms-race, gender, thought, and experience. We promote a culture of inclusion within our workforce and source products and services from diverse minority and women-owned businesses.


Sustainable cleaning products

We work to make it easy for our customers and associates to make a difference by offering more sustainable products and services, operating our business in an environmentally efficient way, and helping our customers and associates take action to protect the environment.


Paper binders representing community

We reach out to and support the communities in which our customers and associates live and work. We generate economic benefit through our stores and operations, and provide support for important community initiatives through Staples Foundation® and other company giving.


2 rulers representing Staples ethics

We strive to model integrity in all that we do and strictly adhere to our Code of Ethics and corporate governance practices. We seek to work with suppliers who share our values and expect them to follow our Supplier Code of Conduct.

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